How to Paint Watercolour, Myth & Magic

How to Paint Watercolour, Myth & Magic Book ReviewHow to paint watercolour, Myth and Maci book review.  This book is stunning, absolutely stunning.  The artwork is out of this world both in context and style.  The information is detailed and well written.  And there are lots of projects to learn.

Something incredibly feminine about the book. Yet, it also suitable for both male and  female painters and both have bought and liked and used it.

The book and pictures had an energy, a flow that I couldn’t place. I found out later that the author was a dancer and this comes across in the flow of the paintings.

When I was a child we had four mirrors.  Each depicted a woman and a season.  I loved the rich colours and flow, the ornate decoration and variety of the artwork.   The pictures were probably Art Nouveaux.

There was something about this book that reminded me of them.  Although Stephanie Pui Mun Law has a look that is unique in itself it was this that drew me to the series of books in the first place. That and I just love fantasy art.

 How to Paint Watercolour, Myth & Magic Book Review

dreamscapes watercolour bookIs the Book Suitable for Beginner Watercolour Painters?

Some say no, as the pictures are very detailed and quite advanced.  I feel very strongly that an artist should not limit themselves and give it a go.  Who knows this may be your forte.  You are more likely to be successful if you love the art.

If you are drawn to the book and feel it is for you and love that kind of artwork then you stand more of a chance of success than if you are trying to paint something you are not interested in.

Also, the book covers the basic watercolour painting techniques as well has the specific ones to the art used in the book. So, you will learn all the technique you need to create your own fantasy or mythological art piece.

You don’t have to start off with very complex images like these and the techniques can be used in any piece. If you have difficulty in drawing you can always trace your work onto the paper and use the pictures on-line that you are allowed to.  There are many creative commons images out there that you are allowed to use.

Perhaps, take elements from the book and start with something easier to create.
Create Legendary Creatures and Characters in Watercolour with Dreamscapes Myth and Magic

The Standard of the Paper

There were comments on the Amazon reviews about the paper being “like rice paper”.  This nearly put me off buying the book. I am glad it didn’t. The paper is odd, there is no doubt about that.  Much thinner than you would expect and not so shiny. This is a great pity as the contents are worth better than what many consider as a low standard printing.

Maybe they are skimping or maybe they want to keep the price of the book low, or maybe that is just what paper they use.  I just don’t know. Though I suspect it is more because of the huge cost for that amount of colour printing. The colours of the print were fine.  And, I admit I liked that the paper wasn’t shiny. I felt the pictures were better for it.

The book is just so beautiful that short of the images being somehow poorly printed it didn’t’ for me detract from the book itself.  Maybe, if I wasn’t forewarned from the Amazon reviews I would have been, but I knew that was a possibility so it wasn’t such a surprise.

What Does the Book Cover?

The book covers all of the basics of watercolour painting that you need and the materials and the techniques used for the paintings.  
It then goes on to the specific demonstrations of each subject.  For example The Sun, The Moon, The Dragon and the Unicorn etc.

It also covers tips on how to avoid watercolour painting issues such as bleeding.

It also gives specific advice which is particular to fantasy and mythological paintings. For example how to blend your dryad into a tree. Or, how to paint fire feathers etc.

Each project demonstration is complete with step by step guidelines and instructions and the most amazing examples of art through each of its stages so you can learn how to take your project from the first stages through to completion.

dreamscapes watercolour bookln Conclusion

This is an outstanding book full of amazing artworks that will help you with your watercolour painting techniques and style.  Well worth buying in spite of the “odd” paper.

In fact, it is worth getting just to look at the stunning pictures.  You will learn techniques so that you can adapt the art to your own style or keep elements of the flowing magical style of Stephanie Pui Mun Law.

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