About ArtPol

Hi I’m Fay
I am an artist, photographer, and writer. I started ArtPOL (passion online) to share my love of art and anything I had learned or would learn that would be useful to others.

As no one person can know everything I intend to expand this so I can share the widest and best knowledge with artists.

I love to paint and draw and explore many different mediums. Some of these I have pursued fully while others are new to me. I also intend to learn many different mediums and share what I learn here.

I have always had an intense interest in arts, crafts & music. At different times in my life, the amount I have done has varied due to work or other commitments.

As A Youngster

As a child, I loved to read & draw. I would draw much of my time. I wanted to be an artist but was told that wasn’t possible.

At senior school 11-16, we did art but I did not take it as an option as I hated doing the type of art they did. I tried various college courses but to the same issue. Even years later when I looked into it again I had the same issue.

The Career Years

I went into a normal career for many years. Sometimes pursuing my art and writing interests. Until one day I burnt out and couldn’t do it anymore. The coach said that I should pursue art as therapy. I did.

This was the death knell for my art. I couldn’t do it from that state of mind and it completely destroyed my confidence. I sold all of my art stuff. Went back to my career. Life continued. Until one-day things changed.

It had been coming for a while. The decision to change my life. One by one my colleagues fell to stress, depression, and stress-related illness. A friend of the family so looking forward to retirement died only weeks before he was due to retire. My sister was diagnosed with a degenerative illness.

I found myself very swiftly heading for a very black place. What was I doing? I might never be able to do the things I want to. As Tony Robbins would say “When is NOW a good time to…”

So I quit my job (NOT recommended when you have a mortgage). The aim was to pursue a different path, to travel, write and get back the things I had lost. To remove me from the intense neurotic business that I was in.

I did. But it did not go so well.

I knew nothing about businesses and although I had studied my subject I am a reserved person, so it inevitably failed. My timing could not have been worse as the economy started to collapse.

Art Renewed

So I found myself looking again at the things I loved to do, art, crafts photography, and writing. Trying desperately to decide which to do and failing. At the time I had not heard of multi-creatives. I thought you had to choose and concentrate on only one path to succeed. Guys if you like more than one thing never let anyone tell you you can’t pursue them NEVER!

It’s just NOT true. There are Youtube videos that back this up. Some people are meant to be multi-creative and have created their careers and business around this.

Take this site, for instance, you have to create websites, write, create images, paint, and do videos (which I do struggle with). In effect be a multi-creative.

So my journey continues and now I hope to share it will all of you and play a small part in that artistic journey.

I wish you all the best in your artistic pursuit.

And never let anyone tell you you can’t do it. Or that if you like realism your style of art isn’t worthy.

All the best